Tuesday, January 11, 2011


you know you are bored when you start taking photos of your plants.

anyway, a few months ago, i transferred my outdoor succulents inside, in hopes that they didn't die over the winter. i bought some soil at the urban gardener (couldn't find their website, but it's a GREAT gardening supply store, really close to my house - between grant park and cabbagetown. employees are really knowledgeable, and a lot of beautiful things for the eyes when you are there, too!), and talked to one of the employees about transferring the plants inside. she told me that there was a good chance they wouldn't make it, but if i kept them at a medium-range temperature, it would help. so far, they have made it, and seem to be doing alright. i'm so glad! (especially since a certain little feline likes to chew on them every now and then, argh!)

i wanted something other than the traditional ceramic pot to place them in, so i went to a couple of thrift stores to hunt down different containers. here's what i came home with:

the glass container in the back is some sort of candy dish or fruit bowl. i got it for only $7. in front of that, to the right, is a vase i bought for $1 (just for flowers, not for this project!), and then next to that is another mercury glass lookalike that i bought for $1 as well. i had initially planned to put a couple of plants in the big glass dish, but for some reason that didn't happen...i still think it'd be a cute idea next spring when succulents are in stores again...

here's what it turned out like:
still kickin' it! doesn't look as great as it did this summer, but still alive, nonetheless. it lives on my nightstand, and in the windowsill during the day.

here is the other one...mika models, as usual. it lives on our table.



  1. The glass looks great much sweeter than a ceramic pot for inside. I love succulents its about the only plant I can keep alive!

  2. Mika is gorgeous as usual! Isn't it great when plants live? i have my longest standing plant right now, 5 months going on strong. woot woot

  3. Those are great alternatives to boring pots. I'm diggin them. I'm really plant stupid, though I can grow plants in pots (basil, oregano, zinnias) outside pretty well. A couple questions... What are succulents? I have a cat too, will he get sick by eating them? I really want some indoor plants but afraid of the cat situation... What small plants are good indoors? Thanks for any help. :)

  4. your plants look so great in their new containers! really chic. makes me want to hit up my local thrift store and lowes to pick up a few indoor plants! ;)

  5. thanks, guys!

    susan - i'm not sure what exactly succulents are, but they're pretty hearty - especially in the summer. they mostly look cactus-like. mika doesn't get sick eating them...and he actually snacks on these WAY less than any other plant i've tried to have inside (he normally chows down and destroys all plants i've had except for the succulents).

    i'm not a plant person, so i don't really know what plants are good indoors...these prefer warm temps outside, but i'm just trying to keep them alive 'til it's warm again! good luck!

  6. Pretty! Love these ideas. I am so old school with my boring plant containers. Now I am inspired.

    Heather @ REOlisticRenovation

  7. I love the way you used the candy dish! I've been thinking about using a lower dish like that to pot an indoor plant, and I wasn't sure how it would look. I am now inspired!

    I will have to photo some of the unusual "pots" I've used on plants in my home and email them to you.

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