Thursday, December 16, 2010

are you my mother?

my computer is back home and...cross your fingers...working great...

i'll be back tomorrow with a new project, but for today, i wanted to share this great photo that one of my client's husbands took of her and the tree i painted in their nursery. isn't it cute? i love having creative clients...


(thanks to amber and rusty for letting me share the photo!)


  1. How that tree (and belly!) And how I love that book! My son used to have me read it to him everynite. And now hes all "growed" up.... :(

  2. Very very cute! We have many Dr. Seuss books here, because I am a huuuuge fan as well, so this just gives me lots and lots of ideas.... ;)

  3. How precious! I'm a new reader here and loving your work. Keep the pretty pics coming!

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