Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ikea hack...sort of.

a few months ago, i bought this toothbrush holder/cup from ikea.
i only bought it out of neccesity, but it bothered me that the base of it was silver, and all of the other hardware in our bathroom was "oil-rubbed bronze". so, i did what i always do, and painted it. this time, when i painted the bathroom a dark bluish-blackish-grey, i painted the base of the cupholder the same color.

yesterday, i switched out the cup that it came with with this vintage bird juice glass i recently found at the thrift store, and i just thought i'd show you guys the new look:

the towel is from anthropologie. and, speaking of that store, when i was there, i almost bought their clear toothbrush, because i really HATE the unsightliness of the neon toothbrushes in a bathroom. however, it looked a little painful on the gums. has anyone bought and tried this toothbrush?


  1. Love it. Just found your blog and amazed at your artwork. Such a talented lady! Enjoying browsing your portfolios.

  2. thank you, tammy! that is really sweet. :)

  3. That's a cute glass. Buy the clear toothbrush anyways and hide the neon one until you are ready to use it! ;)

  4. I keep my toothbrush and toothpaste in rectangular baskets w/ lids that I got at Hobby Lobby. Along with a slightly smaller basket that holds my girls' smaller toothbrushes....stacked on a shelf, wouldn't even know there are toothbrushes in them!!! I also can't stand the look of toothbrushes in the bathroom!!! haha!! Your cup and cup holder are always!! :)

  5. If you are looking for a non-neon toothbrush with a nice aesthetic look check out the Preserve Toothbrushes. They are made out of recycled yogurt cups and come in all types of softness.

    I always get mine at Whole Foods for cheap, but you can find them (still under $5 at Health Food stores all over ATL).

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