Wednesday, October 6, 2010

table for amber.

one of my bestest friends (we lived together 4 years in college!) commissioned a table from me a few months ago, and i keep forgetting to post it!

anyway, i searched and searched for a small table to fit her space, and could NOT find one, so i ended up using the table that we were using as a breakfast table. i had initially bought it to paint anyway, so it worked out nicely. amber loves all things purple, green, and orange, and she also loves woodland creatures and nature-y things in general. she lives in the mountains of asheville, north carolina, so i wanted to do something that reflected nature - but of course i had to make it "cute", too.

i forgot to take a photo of it when it was at my house, but amber sent me a few photos from her house. don't you love how cats just HAVE to be in the photos? she said her cat, yoshimi, was nowhere to be found before she started taking photos, and look at him here. HAH!


there are flowers, an owl, a fox, a squirrel, tiny hidden mushrooms, and acorns in the scene on the table top.

thanks, ambrosia!


  1. You should design fabric or paper, this is so cute!

  2. So cute! I love those colors. And those kinds of tables. I have 2 in my own house - one from each grandmother.

  3. I loooove my table. I also love how people always tell me it looks like me. I mean, I only have two legs, guys.

  4. So whimsical! Love the colors of the flora and fauna. I definitely want to sit on the owl side!

  5. amber - it is true. i mean, i know i made it and stuff, but it is definitely you.

    i love your square head.

  6. Thanks, girlfriend! Anacelie, I do sit on the owl side!

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