Friday, August 13, 2010

little stool and a little cat (without a tail).

the other day when i was selecting fabrics, i knew that the big pink/coral ikat print wasn't right for my chair, but i just looooved it. i decided to buy a yard, and recover my little '60's stool that my mom gave me in it, and i love my decision. here it is:


annnnd, after:

but, really, what would an "after" photo be around here without mika to interrupt - i mean- grace us with his presence.


i love this fabric.

ps. i finally decided on a fabric for my chair, and it is being reupholstered now! i'm still deciding on what color to re-paint the frame, though...


  1. I love it (the cat really makes the art direction if you ask me)! Great job. Did you cover the fabric directly over the existing or did you remove and re-foam?


  2. I love the ikat fabric, where did you get it???

  3. Wow looks so much better and like the fabric!

  4. Good idea. that fabric is gorgeous!! Mika just warms my heart, he looks exactly like my orange cat.

  5. lenore - thanks! i removed the welting with a razor, but decided not to remove all of the old fabric, since it was olding in REALLY old stuffing! i just put the fabric over the old fabric, after that.

    hollis - the fabric is from lewis and sheron, here in atlanta

  6. Love your cat! I want to get one, but I'm afraid it will mess-up my leather furniture.

  7. I agree with your cat-the stool is very cool!! They're always the best judge.

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