Friday, August 6, 2010

chalkboard jars.

i thought i'd share with you guys a little project i tackled yesterday while sprucing up the ol' living room and kitchen. i've been dying to make some changes around here, and yesterday, some of those changes happened. i'll share more of them with you later, (i haven't had time to take proper "after" pics, and i have a few more things to do!) but let's just say that most of the "making over" involved spraypaint. ahhh, nothing like the instant gratification of spray-on paint.

i was busy taking down the blue baskets that are on the tops of our kitchen cabinets (to spraypaint them, no less), when i found these vintage floral jars i've had for about a year or so. i was actually going to throw them away, when i came up with a quick idea...

i'd just seen some cute drinking glasses and jars with mini chalkboards for labeling at world market, and thought that i could perhaps cover up the red floral vines with some chalkboard paint and use the jars in my "new" kitchen (i really changed a lot of stuff up!).
soooo, since i'm a painter-lady, and already had all the supplies on hand, i taped off the tops and bottoms of the red vines:


i wanted to use brush-on chalkboard paint, because i was worried about the overspray onto the clear glass, but all i had on hand was spray-on chalkboard paint. i decided to do it anyway, and figured out that mineral spirits will wipe off any overspray of spraypaint (and cleans your hands nicely, too!)

pulled the tape, and voila! new chalkboard jars for zero dollars:


i can't wait to show you guys the rest of the stuff i did around the house! i changed the color schemes up a bit, and got rid of the green 'grandpa' chair. mika started scratching it a few months ago, and it was beginning to look awful. i wanted to get rid of that green shade anyway, so now our living room is a little bit emptier! now on the hunt for an awesome slipper chair. i'm also going to be installing some semi-custom bookshelves soon, and have the tv mounted! finally crossing off some of the things that have been on my to-do list since we moved in a year ago. yay!


  1. Can't wait to see the after pics. eee.

    If you guys have Home Depot where you live, they have really cute slipper chairs in all different colors

  2. ooo, i never thought to check there! thanks!

  3. Wow. I've got tons of those jars! I can't wait to spiff 'em up the way you have....! Great idea.

  4. So glad you are finding time to beautify your own home -- you do so much to help others spiff theirs up! Destiny

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