Wednesday, July 28, 2010


remember a few weeks ago, when i hand-painted some custom knobs for a baby's dresser, then i decided i would offer you guys the option of custom knobs for your plain-jane furniture or furniture projects? welllll, i got my first order!

renault, who i painted these for, has a cute little console in her kitchen (i WILL get pics of the knobs actually on the piece soon!) that needed a little pep-up. she has an awesome folk-art-y rooster painting hanging in there as well, so she wanted to draw inspiration from the painting for the knobs! (i wish i still had the photo, but i accidentally deleted it!)

i painted 3 roosters, and 3 knobs striped (they're supposed to resemble the rooster's crazy tail):

if you'd like to order custom knobs, please email me at i am selling them in lots of 2's, and they are $7/each.