Monday, June 28, 2010

weekend treasures.

hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

it was a weekend full of surprise treasures for me...we were dog-sitting this weekend, and yesterday while i was out taking the pup for a walk, i found this guy on the side of the road:


it reminds me of the chairs that i painted a few weeks ago for a client - i'm excited to make it over! still haven't decided what i'm going to do with it, but i love free sidewalk finds, so i was happy to drag it home with me.

also, my mom found this awesome dresser at a 'redneck yardsale', as she called it, haha...isn't it great? its GINORMOUS. props to the brother again for letting me use his loft as my storage space (like he reads this). by the way, i will be taking furniture commissions, so if anyone sees this and needs a painted dresser, email me before i begin working on it!


12 drawers! crazy! i can see it now as a tv console, bedroom dresser, baby's room changing table/storage space, dining room buffet...the list goes on...can you tell i'm really excited about this guy?


  1. That chair, just sitting there waiting for you?!? If I came upon this chair while on a walk with the dog I would know someone was playing a prank on me!! Great finds...Janell

  2. ooooh....both goodies! can't wait to see their transformations!

    happy week to you!


  3. janell - i know! i always feel really weird dragging stuff off the side of the road, but it was definitely in the trashpile...even more awkward was me lugging it about a half-mile home with a dog on a leash as well....

    barb- i know! treasures galore - i'm so exciteddddd!

  4. Awesome finds! I love it when that happens. I wish people threw out their gorgeous old furniture more often...


  5. I can't believe that chair was destined for the garbage...and that you saved it!! It looks like a lot of work, but I'm sure you'll do something amazing with it!

  6. lenore - i know! why can't someone throw out an awesome built-in bookshelf for me to install in my living room? mwahaha..

    shannon- yes, it actually has a bit of a stench to it, but i shall give it a new life and a new smell! :)

  7. How funny--I have both a chair and dresser exactly like these! I've been wanting to refinish both of them, but have been stuck as to what colors, fabric, finishes, etc. to use. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with yours!


  8. I love finding "trash" on the side of the road! Bulk trash weeks are my favorite! My husband just laughs at me as I slow down the car next to each house to check out the "goods".

    I picked up a bench on the side of the road the other day. I'm waiting for hubby to go away again before I tackle it's makeover.

    I wrote about it here:

    Can't wait to see what you do with these pieces, Kristen!

  9. I LOVE that provincial dresser! I wish I didn't have to ask "how much?"!

    Can't wait to see these finished!

  10. Seriously excellent find (I refer to the chair- but the dresser ain't bad either!) Can't wait to see how they're transformed...

  11. Are you commissioning the chair or keeping that one just for you?!

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