Friday, June 18, 2010

summertime candleholders

quite often, i get really bored with my home, and i need a little mix-up of furniture, accessories, or all of the above. soooo, this morning, i decided to mix a little old with a little new, and i stuck these pretty gold taper candles (that i already had from a different project) into these old glass bottles i found on the side of the road, and voila! new candle sticks:


aren't they lovely in a beverly hillbillies sort-of-way? something about the bright gold mixed with the gross old bottles makes me really happy.


oh, and incase you're wondering what that little box with the heart inside is................i don't know either. i got it in austin, texas a few months ago, and i love it. (if you know what it is, now is your cue to chime in)


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