Tuesday, May 4, 2010

color schemes

i've always had a thing for color schemes.

when i had a boring desk job, right out of college, i oftentimes made color schemes on a color website (yes, they exist) during my lunch breaks.

i made them on 'paint' when i was a little girl.

i remember specifically telling a friend's mom that i "loved the colors orange and pink together" (i had an orange and pink cotton shorts-and-tee outfit as a child. yes i did.)

this is what is on my desk this morning, isn't it nice?


ps: worst color combo of all time: burgundy and hunter green (shout out to my bffflgffl E moody, on that one). though, i may be eating my words in a few years when it's all the rage again. the circle of life.


  1. what a fun collection of colors. I even love that orangey yellow pencil.

  2. UGH. burgundy and hunter green. the worst worst worst, pure early 90's. all you need is hunter green carpet and burgundy with rose coloured accents. unfortunately, a house from my youth existed with this very colour scheme.

  3. it's true! haha. i used to love this color combo. i remember that i had a burgundy body suit, long sleeved,, that i wore with hunter green shorts, off white tights, and ankle boots. let me tell you....it was a beautiful ensemble.

  4. I'm with you girl. Orange and pink were our wedding colors (mostly I'm an orange fan and threw pink in there cuz it worked!) Now I'm drawn to anything in that scheme.

    And yes--burgundy and hunter green = yuck.