Friday, April 30, 2010

scadstyle panel

(image from SCAD's website)

yesterday, i just happened to read a tweet about scad's "SCADstyle" program here in atlanta, april 26th through may 6th, and went to a really great event last night. eddie ross, jaithan kochar, rita konig and nick olsen (he is my new interior design crush) hosted a panel all about the "rise of the blog" in the design world. they mainly talked about blogging versus magazines, how each affects the other, and how the two will eventually work together to create jobs and magazines in the future. it was really interesting information - i was really intrigued the whole time, with everything they had to say! each of them was really funny - especially rita konig and nick olsen.

i got there pretty early, so i was almost star struck when i walked into the small room of designers that i have gushed over (rita konig's laid back style is perfecccction, and i have loved it for years!) for so long! i think what i enjoyed most was their laid-back (though they were very smart!) approach to design and the design/blog world, versus some of the obviously "stuffy" atlanta interior designers that were at the event - it made me happy to see that interior design DOES NOT have to be stuffy (did you hear me, atlanta?)!

anyway, it was a great time, and i'm definitely going to be attending more events. thanks, SCAD!


  1. Wasn't that discussion great last night! I was there. I was wondering how many other bloggers were there as well. I know Claire from High Gloss Blue was there and also Erica from BluLabel Bungalow. I'm sure there were others too. I also thought Nick was hilarious. -Cristi

  2. oh cool! that is funny...wait, where were you sitting??? i sound like a stalker...

    it was great! i loved it.

  3. wow-so they're doing this until May 6th? I NEED to go to something like this.

  4. I wish I had a chance to meet you Kristin. Will you return tonight at SCAD for Suzanne Kasler?

  5. I'm actually going out of town right now! I wish I'd have known some faces there - I guess that's one of the "problems" with blogs! Hah....ill be going to some next week when I return, though!

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