Wednesday, April 14, 2010

saint cecilia


while we were in austin, we discovered a sweet little gem called the hotel saint cecilia. we saw the san jose hotel along south congress, and fell in love with it immediately (it's a gorgeous little southwestern/modern/mid-century oasis-hotel - google search it), and after talking to a few locals, found out that it had a sister hotel in the saint cecilia. this hotel is breathtaking. the owner/designer/decorator of both places is the same woman who just totally turned the idea of a hotel upside down (check out cote de texas' article on the liz lambert's projects and life).

when you walk up on the hotel, you walk onto what kind of resembles and old southern mansion, with a huge yard and those beautiful, swoopy, drapey texas trees (that just happen to have chandeliers hanging from them).

here is my crappy camera phone view of the pool area:

(um, awesome, right?)

apparently, saint cecilia is the saint of art + music (from what i remember - i am writing this post quickly, and not doing a WHOLE lot of research, forgive me), so the entire hotel is dedicated to these two things.

a view of the pool at night:
and here are a bunch of shots i stole off of the internet! most are from cote de texas link above:
bathroom! check out that awesome penny tilework.

AH! that light fixture

i believe that this is the bar area. we tried to grab a drink here, but apparently it's for hotel guests only. so exclusive! if they didn't do that, though, i'm sure they'd have an entire yard full of people from everywhere! :) again - the LIGHT FIXTURES.

i LOVVVED this albino peacock that flanks a mirror above the hotel bar. genius. who thinks of that? i love it.