Friday, April 30, 2010

oh no

sometimes i get really overwhelmed and want to change everything in my house even though its not possible and i dont have the timespacemoney to do it. but. oh well. it's happening. sometimes, this is where i let my newest favorite pattern or idea happen onto a piece of furniture, instead of into my house. :)

anyway, i am kind of inspired to perhaps do a little DIY curtain switcheroo when i get back from our weekend trip...

did you guys see michelle adams' beautiful rubie green yellow and white chevron curtains in the recent issue of lonny? they are on page 76 (i cannot, for the life of me, find a photo of it. my internet skills are seriously lacking, i guess) they are heaven! all of the rubie green fabrics are wonderful, and i would take anything upholstered or created in any of them!

our curtains are okay, but i could totally see them being MUCH cuterrrrrr



i know i always say this, but....stay tuned...

and have a nice weekend. we are going to florida. hopefully the sunshine follows us.


  1. oo, the white and yellow chevron would be super cute.... curtains are a good thing to wnt to change though, not too pricey usually and so easy to change. It's a good thing

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