Wednesday, April 21, 2010

custom artwork for client...

this week, i am working on a house where i'm painting the master bedroom & bath, and also the future baby nursery.

i did some custom artwork for my client to hang above her garden tub in the master bathroom. starting off, she had the builder-color paint (that sort of weird pinky-off-white color), but she really wanted to go with a grey and burgundy color scheme. i selected colors for her bedroom and bathroom, and am now doing an accent wall in her bedroom (stay tuned for pics of
that tomorrow - it's really cute!), and just completed these two panel paintings for her bathroom.

she gave me this pillow as "inspiration", but other than that, i basically had free-reign. it was really fun just playing with color and texture.

inspiration pillow:





i loved the way these paintings turned out, hopefully you do too, megan! :)

custom artwork, all for under $200? bam! done! email me at for info on creating something for youuuu.


  1. AMAZING!!! You are soooo talented!

  2. Beautiful! Can't wait to see it all finished:)


  3. thanks! i'll post them today....

  4. Wow...this is beautiful!

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