Friday, March 12, 2010

wallpapered refrigerators

i wish blogs had been around in college! (sarah, you know i would've papered our fridge if i had've thought of the option.) i was always papering and painting whatever any landlord would let me (once, i taped tissue paper all over my bedroom walls as a painting alternative), and this idea would've really helped some hideous fridges of my past. 

i just saw this photo on sfgirlbybay and thought it was so cute! in fact, it kind of makes me wish i had an ugly fridge so i could paper it. you could use wallpaper if you want a large amount of options and colors (and for more of a permanent solution), but if you are looking to spruce up a rental space, you could easily use pretty contact paper or drawer liner paper (which would be easily removed).

i remembered this fridge from domino, so i thought i'd google it and show you guys the tulips!
here is where i found this one, and i love the brown print with the brown and white cabinets as well. 


  1. SO So cute. Great idea for an older fridge! I love it!

  2. i know! such a great way to keep using something that might not be good-looking anymore, but still does the trick! i really want a cutely-papered fridge! :) p.s. your blog is LOVELY.

  3. hahah. I have no doubt that you would have papered it up right with your red papered walls. These are really cute ideas!!

  4. hehe, i know! genius, i tell you.