Thursday, March 25, 2010

to paint, or not to paint?

trying to decide whether or not to paint the rough, raw wood on top of this old sewing machine desk -- what do you guys think? i would totally just leave it plain (sealed with a clear satin polyurethane coat, of course), but i know it may be a little rustic for some folks. anyway, i wanted to get a little feedback from you artsy folks!

here she is:


i've already painted the "body" of the piece a chocolate brown, and will be doing a rustic floral pattern on it, so what do you say - paint the top, or leave it wooden?


  1. why don't you leave it for now, see how it looks and if you don't like the top, then you can always paint it later. (?) easy to paint later than to try to unpaint it, lol

  2. What color would you be painting the top? I like the look of the wood . Could you paint the floral pattern on the wood and let the wood show through? That's my vote.

  3. ditto oleander. leave it! see how it looks with the floral design. i bet it will be awesome!

  4. that's what i'm doin'! it's looking like it won't be painted, but i can't really tell until it's done...

  5. I was going to say don't paint-- so I'm glad that's what you decided {for now}..You could always paint it later if you decide.. Can't wait to see the finished product!