Monday, March 29, 2010

this week.

i am sorry that i have the least creative titles for my posts on the planet, friends.

anyway, i have a very full plate this week, and am going to be doing quite well to get it all done by friday...BUT i shall prevail (i hope). some of the things i have to do:

-get flight info/rental car info booked for our SPRINGBREAK2K10 trip to austin, tx next week (yay).
-find a fabulous deal on some canvases for upcoming projects and buy them (anyone got any suggestions for online places to purchase canvases?).
-make a tip top secret surprise present for a friend's wedding celebration.
-paint the cute, cute, cute coffee table i just bought at a thrift store (to sell, eventually).
-prep and paint misc. furniture for 2 stores.

paint this cute table and chairs set for a client:


which i've already gotten a head start on:

Photobucket's going to be really cute. and colorful. and done by saturday. (!!!)

p.s. thanks to lindsey at better after blog for the feature today!


  1. Love that table and chairs set, so cute. You are so dang creative - every piece you feature I absolutely love! :)

  2. aw thanks! it'll be cute when it's done...i've already started on the next!

  3. My mom usually buys canvas in bulk and stretches them herself on frames that she assembles.. She says its much cheaper.. If that's the kind of canvas you're looking for?

    Painting chairs - Am painting some chairs right now and I'm having a hell of a time painting the nooks and crannies. What do you usually use? A brush or a foam brush? It's getting to be such a hassle that I'm thinking of disassembling them, but I see that you don't disassemble your projects.. What's your secret?

  4. I buy most of my art supplies from They have a really good range of prices. :)

  5. thanks for the suggestions, guys!

    elisa- unfortunately, i just do the same thing...suck it up, and spend forever painting those spindles. it suckkkks, but it just has to be done! if i am painting something one color, i will certainly use spraypaint, and you can even buy a paint sprayer that you can use with any paint you already have. something to think about if you are doing a lot of painting on items like this! i'm almost done with the basecoating on this stuff and it is no fun! i'm ready to get to the fun stuff, fo sho!!!

  6. Is that the aqua color????? YES I want it!!!!!!!!!!!! And good news... the play room walls are so awkward that you cant really "hang" stuff on them... you know what that means?????????????????? ;) Holy punctuation!! Guess I'm excited tonight ;)

  7. woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!! hahha.. yay, finally some painting! i will message you on fb with the's realllly lovely. i actually had it left over from a client job...

  8. Thanks for the response.. I guess what I really need to buy is some more patience :-) Which would you recommend for these pesky nooks and crannies: foam brush or a regular bursh? If I can't spray-paint.

  9. LOVE your brown flowery swirly tables! Those crystal knobs were the perfect choice.
    I get my canvases when Michael's and Hobby Lobby have their 40% off sales. I've found some good sales at Sam Flax downtown too. Check their facebook pages for updates.
    I'm trying to get Joe to decide about the lobster traps! >_<
    Have fun with the little table.

  10. this little set is SO adorable! I love your chalkboard wall as well!

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