Monday, March 8, 2010

room review

i took some better-lit photos of my new grey room this morning for the blawwwwwg. 

i thought i'd share a little review of it's many stages since we moved here in august. given, the ceilings are still slightly yellow (NOT my decision -- everything was yellow when we moved in!), but i much prefer my new color. check it out:

a couple of days after we moved in (sorry for the wonky picture!):


after i painted everything white:


and, now:


see how nice my little DIY re-vamped side tables look against the grey wall now? they don't blend in as much as they did when the walls were white...


here is the new arrangement, as well. i just moved the little shelf out of the room (it served no purpose except for decoration, and it felt cluttered to me.), and pushed the sofa towards the window a bit. then, i moved the weird '60's mod chair over to the left side of the room. it makes SO much more sense, and the room feels larger and flows better now. we are all much happier with this arrangement, and i'm not sure why i never thought of it up until this weekend.



here is a nice detail shot of my thrift-store painted sconces in their new home. i reallllly love the pop against the walls! 


i still haven't decided what i am going to do above the sofa. i am enjoying the open space right now. a little room to breathe in a tiny home!


  1. Looks amazing! The shade us just perfect-the room looks warm and inviting (which is tough with gray)!

    I love it and I ADORE your lamps!

  2. thank you! you are right, and i didn't even think about it, but it does feel warmer and homier now. i think maybe keeping the grey from being too blue is the key? i don't know! but thanks :)

  3. oh my goodness!!! this looks so ridiculously great. I loved how the room was before, but this looks really spectacular. the grey looks so clean, adds so much depth and makes the white just pop!

    the room looks heaps bigger. i have a little living room jealousy going on. :D

  4. haha, thanks nikki! yeah, i like it so much better now. :) now, if i could just get my pesky hallway/stairwell painted, i'd be in business.

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