Friday, March 19, 2010

resisting the urge...maybe?

my dad brought over an AWESOME desk for me to "have and do whatever i want with"...for some reason, the urge to paint it bright kelly green is really grabbing me and screaming at me, but i'm trying to resist it....

though i just did read an interview with jonathan adler saying that the "more personal" he makes things, the less "commercial" they seem, and the more they maybe i should listen to my instinct...hmmm...

in the meantime, here are some lovely green items!

and finally, a kelly green dresser photo i stole off of my friend's facebook (creepy, yes) because i love the color...and that is also my friend alex. yikes. sorry for the personal nature of this photo, but that dresser is awesome, no?
also, sorry for my MIA-ness this week. i've had a huge kitchen job, and have been working pretty crazily to get it done! will have it done today and post pics tomorrow!