Wednesday, March 3, 2010


lately i've been craving some kind of change in our family/living area. since i can't really rearrange the room (that's my normal solution, but since we have such a small/oddly shaped area, i'm having a hard time coming up with a rearrangement that makes sense for us.), i think i may paint it again!

i used a martha stewart color from lowe's when i originally painted this room white, and what do you know -- they discontinued the martha paints pretty soon after i did it. anyway, i have several areas with nail holes that need to be touched up, and i can't do it! it's driving me nuts. i hate all the little holes in the walls. soooo, i am thinking a new color might be nice. i have been dreaming about all these dove greys that are popping up everywhere. 

i have lots of yellow and chocolate brown accents in this room, and i think that all my white stuff would really pop better against the grey. i normally hate when blogs are full of photos from other blogs (really, what's the point?), but again - here is my inspiration. all borrowed from made by girl.

loooove this grey: (and aren't those sconces beautiful?)
love this grey + white floors. i'm pretty sure white floors aren't in my immediate future, but one day i WILL have shiny white floors!
oooor, i could just do a big grey canvas? i'm loving it with the black and white striped sofa!
what do you guys think?


  1. It is no secret to my peoples that I love grey. As described here A joke, but not a joke. Ari and I have been talking about painting the dining room greeey forEVER. But, of course, one of the million things on "the list" that has yet to get done! PLEASE go for it! And please share. I love grey. In every which way:)

  2. the grey is beautiful. your yellow accents will look ahhhsome! really digging the white floor too.

  3. i like the encouragement here, people. if only i could snap my fingers and it be done. i HATE base-coating (i think working as a painter for a few years has scarred me).

  4. I'm a huge fan of gray as well.

    My favorite is Pavilion Gray by Farrow and Ball. (It's the stuff dreams are made of) I tried it in my bedroom but I don't have the right light-so I'm still in search for the perfect shade.

    If you do it, definitely post some pictures!

  5. gray rocks, have it everywhere in my house...

    and i think blogs that post pics from other blogs AND talk about them and discuss what exactly is inspiring about the pics are BETTER than blogs that just say "oh look here pretty pretty" so i liked this post :)

  6. I painted our bedroom grey a few years ago and I LOVE IT.