Friday, March 5, 2010

finding your own aesthetic + inspiration

in the new year, i have been really trying to focus, focus, and re-focus myself on finding my OWN aesthetic and style. i know what my style is, and i certainly have my own taste, but coupling that with the field that i am in (faux painting), can sometimes be a hard thing to do. i don't mind doing projects that range all across the board (antiquing, cracking, aged, washes, etc), but i think finding my own "look" is important to push myself as an artist and creatively. plus, it really is what i enjoy, and i find SO much happiness in creating things that i love to look at.

that being said (anyone see that 'curb your enthusiasm' episode? "that being said..." -- HA! anyway...), here are some hand-painted and stenciled rooms that i find truly beautiful and inspirational! 

this yellow floral pattern is a pretty stencil that looks like wallpaper. love it! (image from apartment therapy)
this one i've had saved on my computer for a while. i do believe it's from design*sponge, but i thought: what a cute idea to paint on your wall with magnetic chalkboard paint?
i ADORE this ceiling (From apartment therapy as well!)
last but not least, this one is soooo sweet and cute. you should really check out apartment therapy for the entire before & after of this one, (her inspiration for the silhouettes was a placemat she found at anthropologie) but isn't this a great use of the black and white tile bathroom? love it!

and finnnnnalllly, i am considering doing one wall like this in my new grey room...hand-drawn, of course. thoughts? maybe not EXACTLY like this, but something that is a flowing, not to feminine, and repeated pattern. drawn by hand by your's truly. i generally hate accent walls, but i find myself thinking of doing them way too often. funny. what goes around comes around.

(image from, yet again, made by girl)