Saturday, March 6, 2010

dolphin fin

well, i sucked it up this morning and painted! it only took me a couple of hours, and i'm quite happy with my result. i feel like it's a bit homier now, but still light and airy. the darker color also makes my trim pop, and just as i suspected, all of my white accent pieces are really shining.

the color i used is behr's "dolphin fin" (i think the name is funny). here is a little preview shot, though it's pretty bright in here right now, so it's kind of hard to see! i will take more photos later.



  1. Looks great! Kind of looks like my living room wall color (sherwin williams screen gray) - and this helps because we've been unsure whether to get a dark gray sectional or a light gray sectional...

    Love the pillows, too!

  2. thanks! yes, mine looks pretty blendy right here, but it's actually a nice contrast now, as opposed to when the walls and sofa were white. i'm really happy with it!

  3. I really liked seeing the various stages in your living room decoration. It looks beautiful-- just like a page out of a magazine!

  4. thanks, guys! somehow, it does feel warmer and homier now. i am really happy with it! :)

    angelina, you are too kind!! that's exactly what i like to hear, hehehe...