Thursday, March 11, 2010

big empty wall

trying to decide what to do with the big empty space above our sofa. i am thinking i am going to do a big, square painting above it. here it is now:

(it's sort of more of a rectangular area, but i like squares better than rectangles)


i like this photo from design*sponge of the painting here. i am thinking i will do something similarly modern  (without real form) for the area:

howeeeeever, i was planning all along to do something really graphic and patterny like this:

(from pieces)

what do you think? i think i'm going to go with the former, but i'm giving it some time before i attack my canvas.


  1. I'm loving the first one. It adds more interest. I'm also wanting to replace my frame wall above my couch with a large square. I'm leaning towards a black outline of different flowers (like the new target stuff coming out) & using tons of color. I'm sure it will be great. Everything you touch is awesome!

  2. Abstract! Since your pillows are already graphic...

  3. yes, i think abstract is the way to go here...hopefully i'll accomplish it by the end of the weekend! thanks for the input, folks :)

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