Friday, February 12, 2010

this week

been pretty busy this week. 

painting a mantle + built-in's during the day, and working on a hand-painted table commission by night.

also, while i was painting the mantle and built-in's, my client asked me to paint the flowers on her console to take them from the "pastel" palette to a darker one that would fit her home better. somehow it was really gratifying to paint on top of a beautiful piece of furniture :) kind of like drawing on a wall when you're a kid, no?

here is the before:


and here is the after (she directed me to paint the flowers to match the burgundy and orange flowers on the centerpiece that is sitting on top of the console):


aaaand, here is the table that i am making over:


super-excited about the cute carved out details on the drawer. this piece is actually done now! stay tuned later...i will post the "after" shot. 

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