Tuesday, February 16, 2010

diy zig-zag rug

did you guys see this post on design*sponge last week? it reminded me of my rug project from last year.

this was mine:


this is her's:

i love the do-it-yourself-ness of it all, and i love the pattern. she used a different type of rug as well, and paint...i'm wondering if it will hold up better than my spraypaint version? probably! 


  1. How is the spray paint holding up? I've been wondering ever since you first posted the project.

  2. well...i don't have it anymore! haha...it lasted about 6 months. not great, but it lasted just as well as those rugs from urban outfitters that are printed. i had a big one (from urban) that i ended up having to get rid of after a while too. kind of annoying, but it works for people that like to change things up constantly, like me :)