Saturday, February 27, 2010


i updated my kitchen makeover and my living room makeover with large pictures...just FYI, incase you couldn't seeee them before!


lots of things have changed since i took the photos, but everything's always a work in progress anyway, right?

Friday, February 26, 2010

happy chic surprise box o magic

so, i mentioned a while back that my jonathan adler custom pillow still wasn't in. after i blogged about that, one of their customer care folks found my complaint and contacted me about the pillow. he was SO nice and SO apologetic about it taking so long, and eventually we figured out that when they contacted me about the other item i ordered, my pillow order was completely erased! sooo, long story short, the pillow has been re-ordered. 

i just figured i'd have to wait a bit longer, but today i received a surprise in the mail! an "i'm sorry" care package from jonathan adler. allll kinds of goodies to make me a happy kristen. oh so happy. look!


i love their packaging:


happy colorful presents!


kissing fishies salt & pepper shakers:


thread & canvas

to my dear ATL people:

one of my sweet friends, shannon, is launching a new boutique concept at the arizona pub this weekend, from 11-5. artwork, jewelry, clothing, etc. this is the first one, and it's going to be such a cool event. please come! kfd designs will be in attendance :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

another furniture re-do

i had this client commission an asian-inspired cabinet in december. it took me a while to find a good cabinet, but i finally did, and here it is! she wanted it to be red, reminiscent of this one i did a while back, and to have asian-inspired bamboo on the front. she and her family will be using it as a console to keep shoes in when they walk in the front door. ta-da!






i used these sweet green knobbies for a little kristen-if-fi-cation. i had to do something weird to it :) :





Wednesday, February 24, 2010

love & marriage

jordan's dad and his fiance recently got married, and asked me to do a canvas for them. i based it off of their wedding invites, and they wanted the phrase "love never fails" on here it is! i did a sort of fleur-di-lis pattern on it with some molding paste, and added some vintage baubles for some sparkle and a tactile/3d element. i hope they like!





p.s. yes, jordan's dad's name really is jefferson davis. and, yes, his wife's last name was davies and is now davis. ah, life is funny, friends. 

Monday, February 22, 2010



i am just working on some samples for a large-scale "series" i want to do on really huge canvases...

here are my ideas playing out on a small scale...still thinking and creating and wondering and dreaming about what exactly the large ones will be like.




Friday, February 19, 2010

tiny mushroom container

just going through some old photos. found this happy red, white, and blue photo from our old house i thought i'd share. that is a chair that i started to paint and never finished. that is a print of a horse i made in college. it's really funny. also included: tiny mushroom container my mama gave me, and bright famous teal walls. enjoy!


happy weekend!
i really want to rearrange our living area this weekend. big aspirations, i know. 
p.s. i am 4 people away from 100 followers! crack open the bubbly! now why don't you people comment?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

today's menu

this commission was for a client that already had a sign with this quote on it, but the sign didn't match her kitchen. she wanted me to do it red, black and white, and i drew inspiration from a funky set of salt and pepper shakers that she had! so fun.




the edges of the entire canvas have a thick black and white fun! the photos don't do it justice. i love the red, black and white combo. and can i just say that i love people that commission artwork? honestly. such a wonderful thing to do! i am loving these canvas projects that are falling into my lap lately.

to order your own (any and all colors!), email me at:

***post edit***

here is the canvas in its new (real!) home...aren't those salt and pepper shakers CUTE?


and while i'm showing some work, i'll show you what her above (black) kitchen tile used to look like. i painted the blue parts black this morning so that her red, white and black kitchen could begin to have more of a continuous color scheme. much better, huh?

before i painted the blue to black:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

diy zig-zag rug

did you guys see this post on design*sponge last week? it reminded me of my rug project from last year.

this was mine:


this is her's:

i love the do-it-yourself-ness of it all, and i love the pattern. she used a different type of rug as well, and paint...i'm wondering if it will hold up better than my spraypaint version? probably! 

Monday, February 15, 2010

sleeping under a tree

my friend caroline at one six studios posted this awesome photo she took of little mr. liam takle sleeping under his tree i painted. isn't the photo cute?!?


Friday, February 12, 2010

blue on blue


 i showed you guys the before earlier this morning, so here is the final product. i did this piece as a commission for a client. she wanted something similar to the pink and green table i did, but with a drawer. i hit the jackpot on finding a piece to fit her specifications (i actually struck out on my first furniture attempt, but it's okay!), and i think she will be quite happy with the result! she was specific on the colors to use, but i came up with the pattern for the top, and also replaced the knobs. 






this week

been pretty busy this week. 

painting a mantle + built-in's during the day, and working on a hand-painted table commission by night.

also, while i was painting the mantle and built-in's, my client asked me to paint the flowers on her console to take them from the "pastel" palette to a darker one that would fit her home better. somehow it was really gratifying to paint on top of a beautiful piece of furniture :) kind of like drawing on a wall when you're a kid, no?

here is the before:


and here is the after (she directed me to paint the flowers to match the burgundy and orange flowers on the centerpiece that is sitting on top of the console):


aaaand, here is the table that i am making over:


super-excited about the cute carved out details on the drawer. this piece is actually done now! stay tuned later...i will post the "after" shot. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

not too old, not too young.

happy birthday to me


entering into my 27th year of life has been mighty fine so far.

a beautiful family heirloom from the ma.
a sweet, slick new TV from the pa.
an awesome poem/photo album from one of my favorite people.
a video of baby david (the little boy i used to nanny) dancing to "boom boom pow"

 can't wait to make this next year the best yet. happy kristen.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

arrow table

it's done! i bought this table for a client, and it wasn't what she had in mind, sooo i was able to do something totally carefree and fun! i tried to just create something crazy that i loved, and not worry about whether or not others would like it. anyway... i find myself very attached to my little arrow table.

before: cute, but the finish has seen WAY better days!
first few rows of arrows
more arrows:



the top design was (obviously) hand-painted on by's multicolored and sealed with two heavy coats of high-gloss (latex based) lacquer.

31 inches across (table top)
19 inches deep 
29 inches tall

it'd be a perfect little entry way table to throws keys on, use as a vanity, or place photo frames on. 


it is $200. it's very light, so it's shippable. 
email me: for info/purchasing.


post - edit: i learned how to make photos larger, and it was WAY easier than i thought it is. now i feel kind of dumb, but whatevs, at least i can make photos actually viewable now! :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

a is for alligator

recent commission for a sweet baby boy's room! his mom wanted something "not too feminine", so i tried to sort of match his bedding but make it a little more fun...

contact me at, if you need a special painting :)

p.s. thanks, nakia! 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


here is a photo of something i have in the works...

... thinking only about creating something that i love.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


lil' feature here today on my sunburst mirror project.

thanks, michelle!

baby room window

my friend, cadence, is having a baby girl, so she asked me to do a window frame for her nursery (similar to the last one i did). she is using this bedding from pottery barn kids...isn't it cute?

and these cute owls!

here is my window frame! it'll be hung in baby amelia's room as artwork!