Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a to z

i love this idea for letters...everyone loves spelling words out with these letters that are in every store, but why not make a whole alphabet? 

perfect for a playroom, office, or kid's room:

(plus, it could be a fun DIY project for adults and kids!)

(i can't remember where the photo was from! if you know, let me know!)

p.s. i ordered my jonathan adler pillow 12 weeks ago from yesterday...where is it! does anyone else have experience with a custom needlepoint pillow from the JA website? it's taking sooo longgg, and i can't figure out how to do tracking on it..


  1. love that! with a little bit of time and fun fabric it could make for a wonderful weekend diy project. thanks for the inspiration!

  2. i agree! it would be really easy to customize them....and fun! and i like how they used unconventional items like the half of a globe and the buoy as "letters" too!

  3. love the colours and all the different letters!

  4. Hi Kristen

    I am the Direcrtor of ECommerce here at Jonathan Adler and I would be happy to check on your pillow for you.

    I can report that since inception custom textiles have been early to on-time in terms of delivery. In the interst of full-disclosure, it says on the "Design Your Own..." landing page to allow 12 weeks for delivery, but then in the FAQ's it says 12-14 weeks, I apologize for that confusion.

    Just so you know we are expecting a shipment in very soon and I would be happy to look up your order and report back to you if you like, please email me at and I will get right on it.

    Thank you for using "Design Your Own..." Kristen and for being an early adopter. We are very proud of it and understand that it is a serious design tool and we hope it is lots of fun to use as well.


    Damen S

  5. it could make for a wonderful weekend diy project. thanks for the inspiration!

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