Friday, January 22, 2010

she's at it again:

the lovely and talented lee kleinhelter's new baby's room (via high street market)

beautiful! while this is probably not my absolute favorite kleinhelter interior, it is absolutely beautiful, and i appreciate the break from her normal aesthetic. her look is usually so stark (but fun!) with pops of bright color, that this break from her norm is a (welcome) surprise. the grasscloth on the ceilings and walls is calming and neutral, but also kind of denotes a '70's wallpaper feel that is somehow charming and nostalgic (while still chic). do you know what i mean? it's like the room is very classy, but you still have touches of kitsch with the jonathan adler "zebra" rug, the old-fashioned rocker that is WAY updated in a shiny silver finish (definitely had the same one in my room as a baby, but it was wood with rattan seating :)), and that grasscloth wallpaper.
also: that crib and oversized woven basket are amazing individually, but especially combined. bravo! 

(also, if you want to see mrs. kleinhelter, click on the link above and look up "lee kleinhelter" on their website. she is a super cute and chic pregnant lady, if i ever saw one!)


  1. This is a darling baby room! I love the dresser & the grasscloth ceiling is to die for!

  2. Seems we were rocked to sleep in the same rocker! Except my parents still have theirs!!!

  3. That's my kind of baby room. TOTALLY NOT THAT BABYISH.