Tuesday, January 5, 2010

pardon the ashy skin (it's cold), but i made some jewelry.

i made some rings, and they are for sale. check info below photos for pricing  :)

simple hand-twisted gold wire rings with one glass bead. i can make these in any color bead you request, but i only have one of each color! they are $6 + $1.00 shipping. this one is turquoisey blue...

this one is a sort of fleshy-yellowey gold color...very neutral and dainty. $6 as well, plus one dollar shipping.

stacked! (also can be any size...)
here is another one...with a little tiny coral piece. beach lovers! the coral one is $6, too. 

turquoise and red wrapped cocktail ring...$18. one dollar shipping...any size...

vintage "sugar" dipped teal green cocktail ring. fun and festive. any size. $15.

chocolate brown + vintage pearl cocktail ring. $17 + one dollar shipping...
black and vintage pearl wrapped cocktail ring. can be any size. $17. 
all the rings like to hang out together, so maybe you should buy all of them. :)

email me at: kristen.fountain@gmail.com for purchasing and information. all rings are price listed + one dollar per ring for shipping. unless you buy two or more rings...then price for shipping stays at $2. i'm not sure how many rings i'm going to make, so get 'em while they're hot, folks. 


  1. Yo~ your ear model has hands too! Is that green one still available? If so I want it!!! Miss you and your amazing jewelry!