Friday, January 29, 2010

new bedroom art

here is what our bedroom wall has looked like since i redid our bedroom. i have planned on replacing the artwork in these frames since the beginning of my bedroom project, but this week i finally got around to it. i was doing lots of other canvases for clients, so i figured why not go ahead and work on some small pieces for in here while i was at it?

the main things that bothered me were:
1. the artwork didn't match each other, or the room. 
2. that prefontaine poster was from a magazine, and you could see the paper folds inside the glass (REALLY annoying to me!). 
3. that cat frame had broken glass (stupid ikea! it broke when i first got it home, and i never returned it).

so, i used my resources (things i already had at home - i didn't buy anything) to make some new stuff for the frames.
for the frame all the way to the left, i decided to do a silhouette picture. i used leftover paint from my nightstand project, and painted a cheap canvas i already had (i actually cut it down a bit with a utility knife to fit the frame) entirely blue. i was going to do a silhouette of a girl's face, but last minute, i decided to do a kitty cat silhouette. my mother in law found these awesome siamese cat figurines on a recent thrifting trip, so that was my inspiration! i used a googled image to mimic, and drew out the pattern with a watercolor pencil. i simply filled it in with white paint, and viola! art! haha. all through my project, i kept singing, "everybody wants to be a cat" from the movie "aristocats." weird, i guess. anyway...
next, i made this chevron printed canvas. i'm kind of into the chevron print, and i have a throw downstairs that looks like this. i want one for the bedroom too, so i thought i'd just make some art to bring the pattern in there! simple and easy.

i decided to add some texture to my paint on this one, so that i have some 3-d-ness going on, and that allowed me to take out the broken glass and just showcase the canvas. ahhh, a solution to the glass problem. i am a happy camper. it kind of looks like black and white paint here, but it's really brown and white to match my room.

last, i made a simple brown, yellow and white ikat pattern with paint on watercolor paper. i prefer the canvas look, but oh well! it's still a cute little happy pattern, and this frame is really small, anyway. 

annnd, i went and made a giant copy of the poster, and framed that instead. that way, it doesn't have the lines. i would like to have it scanned into my computer, and make the black on it brown, but i'm not a graphic design person, and i have no idea how to. the end. :)


  1. Love the chevron zig zag! So cute. I'm certainly not a painter but that seems like something I could try. The yellow and brown painting looks like ikat fabric. Very nice.

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