Tuesday, January 19, 2010


crayola color chart:

isn't it fun?

i love crayons. and all the colors. and the way they smell.

... what?

i remember when i was around ten or so, my dad got me this super-ultra-awesome-extra-colors -crazy-plastic case full of EVERY COLOR CRAYOLA CRAYON they ever made. i think it was from sam's club. it was a good day for me. 


  1. Do you remember the Sesame Street episode when they MADE crayons? I wanted to eat them a little bit. Never had the mega pack but I think I would have been over at your house every day if had been friends. Speaking of, can I come over and color sometime? :)

  2. well, i remember the mr. rogers where mr. mcfeely came and they did a little clip on the crayon making process. i definitely also wanted to eat it, because they made it kind of look like tomato soup in those big vats! YES come over and color. fo sho.

  3. Very colorful - could be cute as a poster in an artsy office - do you know if it comes in a poster? HMM

  4. i dont know...my friend posted it on facebook, so i stole it from there...it would be a cute poster though.

  5. Yes you're right - it WAS Mr. Rogers. I have a bad memory. But I DO remember that it looked like tomato soup, yes. Yum.

  6. I remember that... still think of you always when I walk by all the pens, pencils, crayons, markers, and paints at Sam's. I think, 'she'd like those!'
    but, clearly Crayon left out a huge portion for the color pallet with this poster because I don't live life in 'pastels'.
    love ya

  7. dad- yeah i dont know why the red looks pink? weird. the blue, yellow, and green are a little off too, but you get the idea. some of the colors are a little superfluous, but whatevs. :)

    katy- ahhh, so it was mr. rogers. i was quite a fan of both tv shows, and i definitely remember the color of that crayon was like a shell-orangey color. perfect for tomato soup! come color!