Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hardware restoration/application

so, since i painted my nightstands pale blue, i have been debating back and forth about adding hardware to them. i liked the simple look (they had no holes for hardware, so it would mean drilling into the wood), but lately have decided that having handles would be far more functional, and that it'd add a design-ey element that would be nice. 

sooo, instead of heading to anthropologie or hobby lobby like i usually do for hardware, i decided to use the handles from a past project that i saved (there were only 5 on a 6-drawer piece). it's cheap and i thought the style would look great with the rest of my room.

here is the hardware before i painted it: brassy and old!
to paint hardware, the easiest thing to do is punch holes into a cardboard box, and apply the knobs to the box as if it were the furniture. screw them in, that way when you paint them, you can get the fronts AND backs easily (without having to wait for them to dry to flip over). i sprayed these with leftover primer (a must when you are painting hardware), and then coated them in some glossy white paint. i left them outside to dry over night and brought them back in this morning to complete the project...
here is the night stand without the hardware added. cute, but i think the knobs would make it much cuter! plus, jordan hates how now that i painted them, the drawers stick to each other (because the paint is still curing) and you have to wiggle the drawer to get it out. :)
you want to eyeball where the knobs should go and make a little pin point on each side. measure the distance from the top of the drawer and the side of the drawer, to make sure that they are even on both sides, and on each night stand in the room. 
my trusty drill bits -- i used the second to largest. i use these things all the time, for all kinds of projects. quite handy!
drill yo' hole. i always move the drill around and around to make sure that it is nice and loose!
annnnnnd, ta-da!
me liiiiiiikey. what do you think? not bad for free hardware ;)
i still might paint the insides of the shelves white one day, which will really make the furniture pop (and the new knobs!), but for now, i really like 'em as-is. 


  1. Excellent tip on the cardboard thing. I wouldn't have thought of that. I just mounted some hardware last night and I had the hardest time figuring out how to center it vertically. I originally centered the screw holes, but of course, unless your hardware is even on both sides of the screw, unlike your ring pulls or the cup pull I was working with, that just won't work.

    The only other thing I did that I thought was helpful was that instead of trying to mark lightly on the drawer itself, I put a piece of masking tape or painters tape over the front and mark to my heart's content on that, drill the holes right through it, then take off the tape.

    The nightstand looks great!

  2. hey, erin! yes! the tape thing is a good idea - i have heard of people doing that too. i should've put that on there!

  3. I love your work! I am a fellow do it yourself-er & artist!

    I was wondering, though, how do you know how to price the pieces you sell & the jobs that you are commissioned? I often think that I don't charge enough for the amount of hours I put into a project. Especially with people that I know.

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