Thursday, January 14, 2010

gerber table

i love gerber daisies, they are my favorite flower.

a cute little console table, perfect for an entryway piece or a small cafe-like table. you could put the leaves up and put two chairs beside it for a little breakfast nook, or just use it as a decorative piece. it's really sturdy, and made of solid wood. it's a newer piece, but i painted it to look old. it's solid red, with a little wood showing through and glazed to look kind of dirty :)

i hand-painted the flowers on, and put a coat of matte sealer on top for protection.

measurements are:
36" diameter with leaves raised,
20"deep without leaves raised
30" high


email me at for purchasing and information.

it would be a nightmare to ship this puppy (it's pretty heavy!), so i would prefer to sell it locally (around is available).


  1. What a darling little table! Too bad I live so far away!

  2. aw thanks! :) i know! i would ship, but it's soooo heavy and shipping furniture is SUCH a nightmare anyway!!

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