Sunday, January 10, 2010

craft time

i transformed some gross wooden candle holders from the thrift store into cute little laquered-lookalike candleholders!

here they are before (got 'em for 80 cents each!):

and after! i spray-primed them, then sprayed them white and added studs. i wasn't so concerned about the pattern, just because i was using up some studs that i already had, but if i were really serious about the pattern, i would've done them side-by-side all around the bottom of the candle sticks..
i used a tiny drill bit again (since i was poking the studs into wood. if you were doing it onto a softer item you could just press the studs in), and actually used some glue as well, to keep them in place!
i did them around the bottom of one candle stick, and on the top surface of another:

now, i am off to do some tie-dying...but not your basic summer camp tie dye....wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. these are FAB! i love love love them! and at 80 GO!!! yay for making cheapies into something totally GREAT! cheers