Sunday, January 3, 2010

blue nightstands!

i painted my nightstands and nice pale-ish blue yesterday! 

here they are before (and with different lamps, since i switched them out with the ones downstairs the other day):

blue! i love the brown + blue combo:

i think they look a lot better now...

i think i might get some glass cut for the tops of the nightstands as well...maybe.

also: how sad is this discovery i found when cleaning out my nightstand drawer? anybody need a sookie stackhouse book? yikes. 
what do you think? now i just have to work on that hideous bedskirt. also, i still might paint the insides of the nightstands white, i just didn't get around to it yesterday!


  1. Are those nightstands vintage? I love them!

  2. they are! i got them (along with a little 3-drawer dresser) at a yardsale for $15! for all 3! they look so much better painted now...

  3. hahahaa!! I have the same stack of Sookie books at my house. Redonk.

  4. I like the blue! And you. Ok- cheesy, but it rhymed.

  5. looks great. the lighter color looks great against your dark wall. lightens up the corners of your room really nicely. i've always loved pale blue and brown together.