Sunday, January 31, 2010

recent commission!

i had a recent commission from a client whose husband attends the medical college of georgia. this is the 'old medical college of georgia' building in augusta, georgia. it's fun to do something a little different, and challenge myself with tiny brush details. 

it's all water-based paint, and i used some acrylic, some latex and some watercolor for the colorwork.

if you are interested in a painting of any sort, please email me at i love doing any type of commission! :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

new bedroom art

here is what our bedroom wall has looked like since i redid our bedroom. i have planned on replacing the artwork in these frames since the beginning of my bedroom project, but this week i finally got around to it. i was doing lots of other canvases for clients, so i figured why not go ahead and work on some small pieces for in here while i was at it?

the main things that bothered me were:
1. the artwork didn't match each other, or the room. 
2. that prefontaine poster was from a magazine, and you could see the paper folds inside the glass (REALLY annoying to me!). 
3. that cat frame had broken glass (stupid ikea! it broke when i first got it home, and i never returned it).

so, i used my resources (things i already had at home - i didn't buy anything) to make some new stuff for the frames.
for the frame all the way to the left, i decided to do a silhouette picture. i used leftover paint from my nightstand project, and painted a cheap canvas i already had (i actually cut it down a bit with a utility knife to fit the frame) entirely blue. i was going to do a silhouette of a girl's face, but last minute, i decided to do a kitty cat silhouette. my mother in law found these awesome siamese cat figurines on a recent thrifting trip, so that was my inspiration! i used a googled image to mimic, and drew out the pattern with a watercolor pencil. i simply filled it in with white paint, and viola! art! haha. all through my project, i kept singing, "everybody wants to be a cat" from the movie "aristocats." weird, i guess. anyway...
next, i made this chevron printed canvas. i'm kind of into the chevron print, and i have a throw downstairs that looks like this. i want one for the bedroom too, so i thought i'd just make some art to bring the pattern in there! simple and easy.

i decided to add some texture to my paint on this one, so that i have some 3-d-ness going on, and that allowed me to take out the broken glass and just showcase the canvas. ahhh, a solution to the glass problem. i am a happy camper. it kind of looks like black and white paint here, but it's really brown and white to match my room.

last, i made a simple brown, yellow and white ikat pattern with paint on watercolor paper. i prefer the canvas look, but oh well! it's still a cute little happy pattern, and this frame is really small, anyway. 

annnd, i went and made a giant copy of the poster, and framed that instead. that way, it doesn't have the lines. i would like to have it scanned into my computer, and make the black on it brown, but i'm not a graphic design person, and i have no idea how to. the end. :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010


wee sneak peek of bedroom art project i have goin' on right now:

i will broadcast my entire project later :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hardware restoration/application

so, since i painted my nightstands pale blue, i have been debating back and forth about adding hardware to them. i liked the simple look (they had no holes for hardware, so it would mean drilling into the wood), but lately have decided that having handles would be far more functional, and that it'd add a design-ey element that would be nice. 

sooo, instead of heading to anthropologie or hobby lobby like i usually do for hardware, i decided to use the handles from a past project that i saved (there were only 5 on a 6-drawer piece). it's cheap and i thought the style would look great with the rest of my room.

here is the hardware before i painted it: brassy and old!
to paint hardware, the easiest thing to do is punch holes into a cardboard box, and apply the knobs to the box as if it were the furniture. screw them in, that way when you paint them, you can get the fronts AND backs easily (without having to wait for them to dry to flip over). i sprayed these with leftover primer (a must when you are painting hardware), and then coated them in some glossy white paint. i left them outside to dry over night and brought them back in this morning to complete the project...
here is the night stand without the hardware added. cute, but i think the knobs would make it much cuter! plus, jordan hates how now that i painted them, the drawers stick to each other (because the paint is still curing) and you have to wiggle the drawer to get it out. :)
you want to eyeball where the knobs should go and make a little pin point on each side. measure the distance from the top of the drawer and the side of the drawer, to make sure that they are even on both sides, and on each night stand in the room. 
my trusty drill bits -- i used the second to largest. i use these things all the time, for all kinds of projects. quite handy!
drill yo' hole. i always move the drill around and around to make sure that it is nice and loose!
annnnnnd, ta-da!
me liiiiiiikey. what do you think? not bad for free hardware ;)
i still might paint the insides of the shelves white one day, which will really make the furniture pop (and the new knobs!), but for now, i really like 'em as-is. 

a to z

i love this idea for letters...everyone loves spelling words out with these letters that are in every store, but why not make a whole alphabet? 

perfect for a playroom, office, or kid's room:

(plus, it could be a fun DIY project for adults and kids!)

(i can't remember where the photo was from! if you know, let me know!)

p.s. i ordered my jonathan adler pillow 12 weeks ago from yesterday...where is it! does anyone else have experience with a custom needlepoint pillow from the JA website? it's taking sooo longgg, and i can't figure out how to do tracking on it..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a happy idea

lately i have been drinking vino out of little vintage juice glasses. it's way cuter, plus, sometimes i feel like glasses with stems are just so hoity-toity :)

it would be cute at a casual dinner party, or even at a wedding! these babies are great because you can mix-n-match (which is what you pretty much have to do with anything vintage, anyway!)

pretty office

i absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this office make-over featured on design*sponge last week (again, i'm sure many of you already saw this, but i like to back at my own blog for inspiration). click here to check out the full write-up and to see before pics.

i love her color scheme and all the pops of white. using white as a main color in a room makes everything much easier to match and gives such clean look.

not really noticeable because of the pretty wallpaper, but look - even concrete block walls can look pretty! :)

i hope one day i'm able to have such a nice workspace! for now, i am happy with my little desk and painting things in our tight but workable extra bedroom! :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

furniture makeover

here are some 'after' photos of the furniture i painted this weekend. they're not the best, since i had really poor lighting by the end of the rainy day, but my client was pleased, and i think they came out nicely :) they definitely are much happier, and not so dated, drab, and dark! she ended up buying new hardware, so that helped a bit with the "dated"-ness (you can see the old "long" hardware sitting on top of the dresser in this photo). 

here is my only "before" photo: (the project included a long dresser, tall dresser, and two nightstands.)

after: it has a sort of beachy, washed-finish now, and made a big difference in the dark room.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

what i'm doing this weekend...

...transforming some yucky old furniture from the '60's into something cute! my client has a bedroom full of furniture that her daughter described as "horrible." of course, when i saw it, i thought it could be really, really cute--though i was preparing myself for the worst! haha...anyway, i am off today to finish up the job...wish me luck!

Friday, January 22, 2010

she's at it again:

the lovely and talented lee kleinhelter's new baby's room (via high street market)

beautiful! while this is probably not my absolute favorite kleinhelter interior, it is absolutely beautiful, and i appreciate the break from her normal aesthetic. her look is usually so stark (but fun!) with pops of bright color, that this break from her norm is a (welcome) surprise. the grasscloth on the ceilings and walls is calming and neutral, but also kind of denotes a '70's wallpaper feel that is somehow charming and nostalgic (while still chic). do you know what i mean? it's like the room is very classy, but you still have touches of kitsch with the jonathan adler "zebra" rug, the old-fashioned rocker that is WAY updated in a shiny silver finish (definitely had the same one in my room as a baby, but it was wood with rattan seating :)), and that grasscloth wallpaper.
also: that crib and oversized woven basket are amazing individually, but especially combined. bravo! 

(also, if you want to see mrs. kleinhelter, click on the link above and look up "lee kleinhelter" on their website. she is a super cute and chic pregnant lady, if i ever saw one!)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

one year older.

first off: happy birthday jordan! and happy birthday, mimi!

it is my grandmother's birthday today, and also jordan's birthday today--for a couple of weeks, he will be older than me :) in celebration, i am linking to a favorite blog, party perfect

sara posts the loveliest themes and ideas for parties out there! all of them are home-spun, handcrafted, old-fashioned types of parties with lots of lovely color and vintagey charm. a really great spot if you have kids, and don't want to do the typical party-in-a-bag type of birthday celebration. 

tonight i will be making vegetarian chili, jalepeno cornbread, and (shhh, it's a surprise) angel food cake with confetti sprinkle frosting (it's his fav). i love birthdays. now i just have to find a gift...

***images borrowed from party perfect blog.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

kfd in stores!

my chevron table and my gerber table are now for sale at urban cottage here in the virginia-highlands in atlanta. this shop is really precious, check it out!

*images borrowed from the urban cottage's website

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


crayola color chart:

isn't it fun?

i love crayons. and all the colors. and the way they smell.

... what?

i remember when i was around ten or so, my dad got me this super-ultra-awesome-extra-colors -crazy-plastic case full of EVERY COLOR CRAYOLA CRAYON they ever made. i think it was from sam's club. it was a good day for me. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

another table for sale!

'twould be such a sweet addition to a little girl's room or nursery.

i handpainted birds, flowers, butterflies, hearts, etc etc alllll over the top shelf and bottom shelf of this sweet, heavy (all-wood) vintage table. it is a pale ballerina pink table, with green and white accents...

dimensions are: 24 inches high, 28 inches across and 22 inches deep. 

this one is mail-able, it is $150. email me for purchasing and questions!