Thursday, December 31, 2009

these things are fun, and fun is good.

my dad is the hardest person on the planet to buy a gift for. mainly because a) he never wants anything, and tells us not to get him anything, b) he can buy whatever he needs himself, and c) he mainly likes quirky things, so it's not always easy to find something when you actually have to find something. soooo, this year, i decided to do a painting for him...i knew he'd like it, and it was personal. 

my dad and i have always loved dr. seuss, and i guess my love came from it was a fun subject for my painting...but i didn't want it to be too over the here it is! a quote from "the cat in the hat" (our common favorite):

i had fun playing with a new golden medium that adds a lot of volume to your paint: (notice the stripes for the cat's hat!)


  1. and as your DAD....... Nothing you could have bought,
    ..........bartered for,
    ....or stolen
    could compare to this perfect gift. I LOVE IT!

    Thanks so much for being an amazingly 'fun' daughter. 'fun is good'.....indeed

    I love you...always!

  2. Obsessed with this. I might have to put in an order for something very similar! Got your invites in the mail today and love them. You are so crazy talented. Hope you have a very VERY happy New Year!!

  3. dad- aw, yay, i'm happy you love it! :)

    katy- thanks! you are so sweet! ari asked me to send those like two years ago when we first got married and of course i never did the other day i thought i'd invite you guys to a wedding that is two years in the past. time travel? yes.

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