Friday, December 4, 2009

stuff i've been painting

here are some recent photos of some work i did...

remember the "vintage" movie posters i showed you guys a while back? well here is another photo i snapped of them...i just used old posters and signs from the 50's and 60's to paint on these panels i came up with. they were really fun...i think i like the "sundaes" one the best!

i'm not sure why my camera is translating them so grainy....ohhh welllll. i tried to make them very vintagey...hence, the imperfect fonts and hand-drawn look. 

annnnd, i painted faux brick in a dentist's office the other day. it was pretty fun...something i haven't done in a while. the photos make it look a little weird, (again, they aren't well-lit) but it is supposed to look like the wall is cracking off to reveal brick in the background..i'm not sure if you can see the "cracks" i painted on, but they're there..

in this one, you can see the cracks on the right, and the texture on the left, which is neat.


  1. Hi Kristen - I love your blog. i just found it tonight. I was looking at the post with the stencil with your red walls. LOVE it! I couldn't find the pattern you used on the website. Which one did you borrow. The Bea stencil looks similar but not quite the same. I love yours - its perfect. I've been looking at wallpaper and other stencils, but your walls are by far the best! I love the large scale. Please help! Thnx!!

  2. I think it was the Bea! It wasn't an exact match...but close!

    Thanks so much :)