Friday, December 18, 2009

christmas things.

here are some more things i have bought and arranged for christmas...just little things around my house that make me happy.

i put some faux lemons i already had into this glass container along with small christmas ornaments for some sparkle:

i got this "peace on earth" ornament at pottery barn yesterday...i love it. i think it's very vintagey-looking, and it was only six dollars! 

balls! ...sorry.
aaaand i've managed to get some christmas presents wrapped and under the tree! yippeeeee
i also got these pretty yellow and white glass plates at world market yesterday. i got two of them...i don't know what exactly i'm going to do with them, but i really like them. maybe hang them on the wall, put candles on them, etc etc. 

and last but not least here is my little christmas cat looking out at the rain. 
meowy christmas! tehehehe


  1. Prettiness! Happy weekend + Happy Holidays! xo.

  2. Very pretty -- love all the yellow! That really helps keep things bright since it has been so dreary and grey in Atlanta lately

  3. thanks! yes it is soooo dreary! and i am a person who likes cold and rain, but....i could use a little sun now!

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