Thursday, December 31, 2009

these things are fun, and fun is good.

my dad is the hardest person on the planet to buy a gift for. mainly because a) he never wants anything, and tells us not to get him anything, b) he can buy whatever he needs himself, and c) he mainly likes quirky things, so it's not always easy to find something when you actually have to find something. soooo, this year, i decided to do a painting for him...i knew he'd like it, and it was personal. 

my dad and i have always loved dr. seuss, and i guess my love came from it was a fun subject for my painting...but i didn't want it to be too over the here it is! a quote from "the cat in the hat" (our common favorite):

i had fun playing with a new golden medium that adds a lot of volume to your paint: (notice the stripes for the cat's hat!)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

hello photos

one of my new year's resolutions for '10 (ok, the only one. i'm not a new year's resolution kind of person.) is to take more photos, print more photos out, make albums, and display them. i used to be really good about taking photos all the time; printing them, and making scrapbooks. the past few years, however, i just haven't done it. i guess i have a little bit more going on these days than i did when i was in college ;) 

anyway, reveling in my 'slow season' for work, this morning i spent about an hour going through photos from our wedding and other highly important moments that happened to have been photographed (i will get better, i will!) and sending them to my local target photo center to be printed for me to pick up! 

enter the next project: frames for those photos. photo frames are one of those things in life that 9 times out of 10, i just feel are way too expensive for what they really are - wood and glass. sooo, being the little DIY lady that i am, i thought i'd makeover a few from the thrift store (and a few i picked up for $5 each at target!).

here are a couple i got from the thrift store for around a dollar each (check out those creepy twins who are too old to be sitting on santa's lap):

i began priming the frames with a spray primer, then came back inside to spray down the glass for the frames (something that's necessary when you get frames from a thrift store!)
something i've figured out is that it's nice to lay the glass down on a wet towel to keep it from sliding around, or to keep fingerprints off - and to keep your fingers safe from the glass!
this is another one of the thrift store frames i bought and sprayed white - i did a little studding on it!
anyway, here are my newly framed photos:

i got this pretty big frame from target (it holds an 8 by 10 photo), and it's a photo of jordan with my brother from our wedding. this one hangs in our bathroom. by the way, our photographer was my very talented friend, mr. kyle hale. he is amazing! his work is my favorite thing about our wedding. 
here are the once-ugly ones from the thrift store, with new photos in them (can you tell i love photos of our brothers?)
a photo of me and my padre dancing at our wedding: (frame from target)

and the studded frame from the thrift store that i painted white and the wavy frame from target with a photo of our favorite feline friend!

there we go! a good start, at least...i plan to do more though! what are your new year's resolutions?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

how was your christmas?

...mine was great! we are still christmasing (5 christmases anyone?), but i wanted to share a few design-related gifts i received!

my brother gave me 2 of the much-blogged-about newly released penguin classic hardcovers...
santa-mom gave me a sweet vintage vera scarf:
...and a vintage-lookalike ornament for the tree!
and jordan got me a new white candle from anthropologie that's perfect for winter and my white home:
how was your christmas?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

happppy holidayyyys

it's christmas eve! i love my family! i love my friends! merry christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i like to do drawrings

i've been spending a little time drawing at night lately. i tend to doodle on everything, and haven't kept a sketchbook since college, so i have been fun just doodling away. a friend wants me to do a whimsical drawing of a stegosaurus for her tattoo, so that got me drawing some. anyway, it's been fun.

hey, stud.

i did a little stud-i-fying last night. i bought these little packs of furniture studs at lowe's last night for around $1.50 each..

i already had these small hat boxes that i got at a thrift store a while back for around 5-10 cents each. i had already spray-painted them a glossy white a few months ago (they were painted pink and had a bunny face on one, tail on one, etc. scary!). i've just been using them as filler on shelves and whatnot.
STUD! so i started applying a few studs just by pressing them in with my hand, but it actually hurt my fingers pretty badly, so i knew i needed to find an easier, more pain-free way of doing this since i had about a hundred left to do.

enter my trusty drill with a very tiny bit (this is a bit i use for jewelry's a really small bit {i don't know the size}) that you can find at any hardware store (actually i think i got this one at walmart).
turns out, it was a perfect size for my little studs, and made the job a LOT easier. i didn't really measure out my markings for the studs, but if you are studding something special, or aren't really good with just eye-balling things, i would suggest measuring out where you want the studs to go, then drilling your little holes.
scary from the inside! ...but it's just for show, anyway :)
ta-da! don't they look fancy?

now that i have opened up the stud door, i can see this little technique being really handy with lots of things around the house. picture frames, lamps (i was thinking you could actually use those paper brads too, if you don't want something pokey sticking you when you went to turn on a lamp or whatever), candleholders, etc etc! a fun (and cheap!) way to add glitz to anything.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

i can't get enough.

why am i getting really inspired to decorate for christmas 5 days before the day of? oh well, inspiration for next year, i guess. i have decided i definitely want a white tree for next year, after looking at these beautiful photos from smile and wave. this girl JUST had a baby and already has another little boy...and look at her beautiful home! talk about inspiration!

i LOVE this wreath: (of course she made it)
!!!! - see? all my vintage ornaments would look so cute on a white tree:

for some reason i really love her empty coffee table:
sweet tree garland

ornament she made for her new baby:
i'm definitely going to replicate this wreath. i made some similar ones a long time ago and forgot about them until project!

not your mama's christmas tree

LOOK how cute jessica from black white yellow's christmas tree! i looooove it! 

while you are at it, you should check out her entire blog - so much fun color and's one of my fav's.

Friday, December 18, 2009

christmas things.

here are some more things i have bought and arranged for christmas...just little things around my house that make me happy.

i put some faux lemons i already had into this glass container along with small christmas ornaments for some sparkle:

i got this "peace on earth" ornament at pottery barn yesterday...i love it. i think it's very vintagey-looking, and it was only six dollars! 

balls! ...sorry.
aaaand i've managed to get some christmas presents wrapped and under the tree! yippeeeee
i also got these pretty yellow and white glass plates at world market yesterday. i got two of them...i don't know what exactly i'm going to do with them, but i really like them. maybe hang them on the wall, put candles on them, etc etc. 

and last but not least here is my little christmas cat looking out at the rain. 
meowy christmas! tehehehe