Friday, November 6, 2009

z gallerie

i stopped by z gallerie the other day, just for kicks, and they had lots of things that caught my eye. i love all the quirky items they have there (i got some miniature white skull erasers there a few years ago that i keep out on display. it freaks people out, and i love the weirdness they add to my family room), but right now they have some really beautiful things. 

sidenote: there was a man sleeping on the couch inside the store the entire time i was there, with a suitcase by his side. 

anyway, i digress. here are the pretty things i saw:

"casablanca lanterns"
"geo garden stools"
earthenware elephant:

i love this boots umbrella stand! 

and my personal fav: the "devon mirror" in white. soooo pretty, eh?


  1. i know! the great thing is that all of THIS stuff is actually quite affordable. :) that big giant white sunburst mirror is only around $150.