Thursday, November 12, 2009


when you go thrifting, do not skip the napkins section!

i love perusing that section for weird tablecloths, napkins, and placemats (do people still use placemats?), because there always fun patterns to be found...(some people may think it's gross to buy an old napkin, but come on, do people ever really use them? i just like to look at them.)

i found these cute napkins at a thrift store last weekend for .50 cents each! i love the patterns. i still haven't decided what i will really do with them (considering we don't have a dining table, per se), but i love the way they look stacked in my kitchen with my dishes!

i'm thinking that if you took two of them, you could turn them into cute pillows, or you could even frame them for a fun 'artwork' on the wall, like how i framed my decorative paper. 


  1. we use our cloth napkins all the time :) but throw 'em in the wash, and i'd say they'll last forever!

  2. i made pillows out of napkins, and they turned out great (i think)! check it:

    it's never a bad idea to collect inexpensive fabric that you love, there's always something you can make!

  3. Just got some cute napkins from my fave thrift shop. They look like they are from the 70's-- very fun!

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