Saturday, November 7, 2009

my kitchen before/after

yesterday, i got those few accessories for my kitchen. yippee!

here is the before shot of my kitchen again:

and here is the new after:

i got these new pale turquoisey baskets at world market to keep kitchen things in that we don't use often...i got 5, but i think i'll need 6...argh! oh well, back to world market.
i put orange cheese puffs in one big glass container i already had, and lemons in the other, for some bright pops of color (i really love those big jarred containers, i don't know why). below them, is a pink "libra" goblet i found at a thrift store a while back that i thought was awesomeley awesome. i would really like to find all of the signs to coordinate, but i can't find them online. perhaps i shall collect them at thrift stores over time? anyway, inside the goblet are some vintage rainbow fondue sticks.

i have had these big vintage containers for a while now, but the tops were yellow. for some variety, i sprayed the tops of them orange. (can you tell i'm trying to incorporate a bit of this poppy color into my kitchen/home?) i'm really hoping the spraypaint fumes don't infiltrate my sugar and flour. hm. at least i don't use them often.
i brought this plastic yellow flower piece down from the bathroom (i have new plans for that area, and now that we actually own the house, i am going to attempt it soon), and hung it above the sink. i love the '60's feel of it, and the lights shining on it.
view from the family room:

view through the little window from the family room:
i still have to hang the handles, but you know, i just thought i'd share my progress :)


  1. love the creative ways that you use to add the pops of color in your kitchen :) can't wait to see what it looks like with the handles.

    btw is that a chalkboard wall I see in the last picture??

  2. thanks! :)

    yep! one of my walls is painted in chalkboard paint....i posted about it a while back, it's in the archives :)

  3. Your kitchen looks awesome !I especially love the vintage canisters. Orange tops was a great move!

  4. I love all your pops of color, and I agree, that cup IS awesomely awesome!

  5. thanks guys! yeah, i'm loving the orange right now...i have about a half a container of the orange spraypaint left, and i'm thinking of what i can attack with it :)

  6. I love that you put cheese puffs in the pretty glass jar. What a really cute idea.

  7. it all looks pretty amazing. your cheese puffs looks super elegant in that container and they're like the perfect color.

  8. Unbelievable! Looks sooooo great. Now if I could just convince Ari that I'm suuuree the landlord wouldn't mind if we painted the kitchen cabinets:) And I will certainly be checking out that Sam Cooke song you suggested, thank you!! Love him too. Sigh.

  9. It looks amazing! So bright & Cherry. Fabulous work!

  10. Wow I LOVE the pops of orange and yellow. I wonder if I can do that w/dark cabinets? Found you thru Better After. I was dreaming of a white kitchen, but I'm getting a dark cabinetted one instead. Read all about it as it happens: ann at

  11. Did you also spray paint your cabinets? Did you take them off the hinges to paint them or leave them on? Any tips for doing this would be great. They look fantastic!