Monday, November 23, 2009

leaves in the bathroom

today, i painted our bathroom. i have a few small jobs this week, so this left me time to get something done that i have been wanting to complete since we moved in...

here is the bathroom before. yellow, just like EVERYOTHER FLAT SURFACE in our house. anyway, here you go:
(mika loves toilet water)

aaand after! i painted it this dusty blue color a few months ago, but have been wanting to paint the pattern on for a while. i actually planned for the color to be a bit dustier, and a bit grayer, but whatever. i just don't care enough to repaint the bathroom! if it were another room, i probably would, but it doesn't really bother me in here. the color and lighting look a little off in this photo...the following photos show the wall color and vibe better.
i also hung this small shelf (from target) in here above the toilet (does anyone else think it's weird/gross to have things resting on the toilet back? like, using it as a display shelf? i think it's gross, but  a lot of people do it.) i am keeping simple things like my toothbrush and little rings and things on it. 


  1. very pretty and sweet! looks like wallpaper.. did you freehand the stems or did you tape them down or use a guide of some kind?

  2. That looks fantastic ! I love the color scheme!

  3. thanks guys!

    elisa- i just used a long level to make sure the lines were straight, and painted a line freehand next to the level. i measured the "stems" 19 inches apart, and just eye-balled where the leaves should go, and freehanded those too. i guess doing this stuff for a living comes in handy sometimes :)

    i thought about making a stencil, and i probably would if it were someone else's house, but for my own, i just figured i'd do it and if i messed up, i'd work it out!

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