Saturday, November 21, 2009

because i also like apparel:

i painted my thrift store brown oxfords G-O-L-D, goooold today. used a bit of gold spraypaint i already had. i have been meaning to do this for a while (remember the 'domino' issue with kelly wearstler on the front, wearing gold oxfords? no? well, it happened) i sprayed it into the can topper, then brushed it on with an old chip brush. (you may be questioning my taste now, but the holiday season is upon us, and incase you didn't know, oxfords are all the rage)

the oxfords were already pretty awesome, but i'm ordering  a new pair, so they got a paint job like everything else i own.
 1. those are my painting pants, and 2. i didn't get a tan all summer, therefore my legs are pasty white. good for my goal of not getting skin cancer, bad for photo sessions. 
i might switch the laces out with something a little sassier pretty soon maybe...some pink ribbon? or brown ribbon? i dunno. i can also imagine them with some cute ankle socks worn with a short little skirt. HAPPY HOLIDAYYYYYZZZ


  1. Those are totally rad! You need some red laces!

  2. thanks! red laces sound like the i think i will do that!!!

  3. I SO remember that issue and remember obsessing over the shoes! What an awesome idea. Might have to steal this one from you:)

  4. hehe thanks! do it sister! they look kind of ratty in that last photo, but they're pretty cute, i think :) perfect for the holidays.

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