Saturday, November 7, 2009

add this to the spraypaint list

yesterday while i was at world market, i perused the halloween 75% off section, and found these witch-shoe candle holders, which immediately reminded me of these jonathan adler shoe candleholders. i bought them for a dollar each, and brought them home and spraypainted them white (naturally). 

i added the gold candles for a little pizazz (plus the holidays season is coming up, friends), and i love 'em! they just add a little quirk to the room, and keep things from being to girly and fluffy, ya know?

anyway, i love everything about them, except for the fact that i think i have two right footed shoes. bah. oh well.

also, i think they kind of look like elf shoes now, which works for christmas...


  1. What type of spray paint do you use? They quit making my favorite type :( I like to spray stuff too! Love the shoes btw - very cute!!

  2. i usually use the valspar brand spraypaint from lowe's. they have a really large selection of colors there! (hobby lobby has a great selection, too, but there's not one near me)

    i also always use a spray primer before i spraypaint weird stuff like glass :)