Sunday, October 18, 2009

when in doubt...

...paint it white. 

i have a little (healthy) obsession with painting everything white. it's cheap, it looks crisp, and it helps open up small spaces.

i painted our tv console white yesterday. if you remember, i have painted it royal blue, stripped it, stained it, wallpapered it, and now painted it white. its going through a lot with me, my ol' trusty console. (now don't you think a white flat screen tv will just look fab on top? hehehe, that's my plan...)

i also cleaned the old original hardware by soaking it in vinegar, and scrubbing it down. it took away the tarnish, and now it's shiny again...yay! in some cases, there's nothing like the original hardware, and with this piece, i have tried other knobs and such, but keep coming back to the original. it's classic, i guess.
i also got this sweet little faux cactus plant yesterday. mika eats all plants that i try to grow in this house, so this little guy adds some green without being eaten by our feline friend.
mika's new favorite spot: looking out the breakfast nook window. he also has some white paint stuck to his nose from being  a little too curious when i was painting the console.


  1. I totally agree! When in doubt, white is always a good choice! Nice job!

  2. thanks! :) it looks muuuch cleaner, somehow.


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