Sunday, October 11, 2009

table mix-up

i came up with an idea to brighten up those $12 dollar tables from ross last night...and later, realized where i probably got this idea from (it's weird - sometimes i "come up" with ideas, then later realize that it was something i'd seen months ago, or whatever. the ol' subconscious in action, i guess). these "oomph" tables i posted about awhile back were my inspiration! 

here is the table before i made it over...i loved the size (i needed something very small, where i would be able to place two of them in our family room with ease), and i was searching for something that wasn't mid-century (since a lot of other stuff in the room is i thought it'd be nice to switch it up. anyway, they were painted in your basic dark brown/black iron look.

here they after i primed and spraypainted them white! muuuuch better already...
next, i brought in some burlap that i bought. i simply pressed the burlap into the shape of the table, and traced it with a marker. 
the first one i cut out was just a leeeeeeeetle bit too small :(
the next go-round was a success, however, so i cut it, and traced out another for the other table. (mika really loved the burlap. he sat like a little rabbit on top of it for a while)
after i had my burlap cut for both tables, i simply hot-glued it onto the tops of the table, making sure to do the glue dots on opposite sides of the table each time, so that i wouldn't have weird bumps or pulls in the fabric, and to keep it smooth. also, keep in mind that when you are actually going to glue down your burlap, you want to glue it down with the side you traced on facing the table, so that the marker doesn't show up on the final look.
ta-da! much cuter. i like how the burlap "grounds" the table -- it adds color, and also keeps it from looking too much like outdoor furniture, since it iiiis made of wrought iron.
this week, i am going to have small pieces of glass cut for the tops of the tables as well, because the glass stores aren't open on sunday (lame)!

happy room, happy me.


  1. I really really like those tables.

  2. It's official--- you are the fastest worker of all time! Those tables look fantastic and I'm loving the white!

  3. thanks ashley :) you should get some! they come in 3 sizes, and they're so cheap! these are the middle-sized ones...there is a larger one and a teenier one.

    nikki- when i get something in my head, i get really frustrated and have to make it happen as soon as possible, haha..i actually did another project this weekend, too, that i will show you guys very soon!

  4. These are great. You have such vision!

  5. thanks guys! i am happy with my little tables!

  6. I need you think the larger ones would work?

  7. I love your lamps - where did you find them?

  8. my lamps are from home depot!


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