Saturday, October 10, 2009


i bought these iron sconces from a thrift store a few weeks ago for about $2 each. i really loved the club-shaped cut-out in them, and knew that with a coat of spraypaint they'd be really cute hanging together on the wall. 

i finally got around to painting them today. here is a picture of them before i painted them: (i was just trying to determine if they would look nice above the sofa, and already had nails in the holes where they are hanging here)
ta-da! pretty and white. i love them painted white, against the white wall. it really shows off that club shape that i was talking about. i didn't have any thick candles around the house, so i used a couple of little mercury glass votives from last christmas instead of candles, and i love the subtle sparkle that it adds. plus, it'll be pretty at night with a candle inside! i think it's a nice fall-time look for this wall....i was getting a little sick of the haphazard-artwork-grouping look.

the sconces with the girl and horse art. (a friend of mine recently asked me if that was a painting of michael jackson. ... oops?)

i also got these sweet little morrocan-looking tables at ross today. i looove the shape that is cut into the sides. they are also iron, and i am planning on spray painting them white as well. what do you think? should i paint them white or leave them brown? i know you can't really see that morrocan shape i'm talking about here, but i will show it later!


  1. LOVE the sconces. The tables are really neat too. I would probably leave them as is or paint them a color. Something to add a little interest and depth. But, that may not be the look you are going for. But, I'm totally jealous of your finds! FAB job!

  2. thanks! i think i came up with a good plan for the little tables...stay tuned.. i am going to do it today!

  3. Love it all. Where are the lamps from?

  4. thanks! the lamps are from freakin' home depot of all places....they were only $50 each..go getcha someeee