Thursday, October 15, 2009

princess room is complete...for now

finished my princess project today! i will have to go back after their bathroom remodel, so i will get better photos then (my camera died right while i was taking these :( )

here is the mirror i painted (it was initially brown wood, leftover from their nursery). i did it in a shabby chic distressed finish, and did this decorative crest in the top, middle. the little thing in the middle is a pumpkin princess carriage. the pink and white stripes will echo the fabric on the corniceboard, once they are installed. i wanted to do a little tromp l'oeil ribbon and medallion to make the mirror look as if it were hanging from the wall...a bit more "princessy" if you ask me :)

the ceiling. i want to show more pics of it, but this is when the camera died!
here is the mural! i know it's hard to see -- i will post better pics of it when i go back to paint the bathroom. the rainbow was a request of sara and mary...there are also little bumblebees they requested, and a butterfly. at the request of their mom, there are two little blondeheaded princesses walking up the road.
the mirror, with the dresser i painted before!

their older brother got a little jealous of all the painting action going on in their room, so he got a UGA helmet in his room :)